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Automaker company «Foton» was founded in 1996.
The main office is in Chanpin region in Beijing.
Since 1998 company is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
«Foton» occupies the 34th place in the rating of companies and is one of the three most important automobile brands in China.
Since 2003 company is a leader among automakers in China.
In 2005, the automobile company «Foton» awarded the title of "Best brand among the Chinese commercial vehicle"
In 2008, the Joint Venture «Foton - Cummins Engine Co., Ltd» to produce engines Cummins ISF Series 2,8L and 3,8L.
Since 2009 - it is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world.
In 2011 sales of «Foton» reached 647,000 units.
In 2012 is formed a joint venture «Foton - Daimler»