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The headquarters of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. ("SAGC") is located in Xian City of Shaanxi Province. The construction work of the factory was commenced in 1968 and completed in 1970, when the first "Yan'an" SX250 heavy duty military off-road truck has beeb successfully produced. Since it foundation, the corporate has manufactured over 600 000 vehicles of diversified types, making great contribution to China's national defense construction.
In the recent years, SAGC carries out service type manufacturing mode, accelerates technological innovation and makes use of cooperation by production, study and research. The corporate self-innovation capabilities and core competitiveness have been improved significantly, resulting in formation of a product pattern of various kind and broad series, including off-road vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, etc. The corporate also possesses self-owne brands as Yan'an, SHACMAN, Eurostar, Huashan, Fujia and so on.